Hair Design Zone Products

HDZ offers the highest quality hair care products from Japan and the United States.
All salon products are available for purchase.


Milbon is Japan's premiere salon brand in professional hair care products and is preferred among professionals all over the world for their groundbreaking in-salon treatments and products. Professionals and consumers trust Milbon’s line of premiere products for hair straightening, perms, treatments, and daily hair care.


All Hoyu products are made with sustainable, high-quality ingredients, in state-of-the-art ISO certified facilities. Hoyu has continually introduced products that have been heralded as unprecedented in its field utilizing cutting-edge technology to develop more user-friendly products. The company has not only grown in recent years to hold the largest market share in Japan, but has expanded its operations to 70 countries.


Brazilian Blowout® professional hair smoothing treatments use innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies that create a protective layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz and smooth the cuticle. The treatments improve the health and condition of the hair, resulting in radiant shine.